The start of my senior year was rocky. We were still in quarantine and I had very little motivation to do anything. My plan was to switch to Gold Rush from xxx. When I started going to Gold Rush it was something very new and different. When we finally could go to school on campus I was surprised because all the teachers were all very nice and I already had a liking for the Dean of Students because of the stories he told me and my mom during orientation and little did I know that the same man would change my life. I struggled with many things in the past and have a tendency to let them take over at times. Right off the bat Mr. Miller realized this and took extra time to time to listen as he does with everyone. Having someone believe in me when I didn’t see my potential made the biggest impact on how I viewed school. I’ve always been alright with school. I’ve never failed a class but I’m no straight A student at the same time, but the pandemic really affected my motivation to do anything. For most of my senior year I had a tutor not because I needed help with the work, I needed one to sit there and watch me work because if I didn’t have someone doing that I wouldn’t do it . As I got the hang of things, I let things that were happening outside of school affect my school and again Mr. Miller saw this and even gave me advice on things other than school. Throughout my year at Gold Rush I made friends with my whole senior class and gained a mentor that I’m very fond of. I am very grateful I made the decision to switch to a smaller, more inviting school because it has changed my life for the better. Without the people I met this year I would not have passed senior year. The people in this school give me motivation and even happiness because we’re all so close. Mr. Miller made sure he put in the time with each and every one of us and I’m glad to say that he is someone I will forever look up to. When I first started going here, I told everyone if anyone has figured out the meaning of life it’s Mr. Miller. He made me realize that I can strive for big things, and I can accomplish them. I have now narrowed down my options to either go into psych or medical which both are going to be hard work, but he believed in me so much I started to believe in myself. In conclusion my senior year was quite alright and better than expected. – MM

Hi Jim, I don’t know you very well, since the only time I ever see you is at a few meetings a year at Gold Rush. But I just read your book, TIPS, and I just had to write to tell you how much I loved it and how impressed I am with what you had to share.  Your anecdotes and examples touched me in so many ways, and I will really be pondering the things you wrote about as I continue teaching.  I particularly loved the simplicity of the method you teach, as I am a devoted believer in the power of simplicity. I’m checking out your website and watching the few videos I found there–loving them too. I could go on and on, but I just had to write to Thank You for what you have been doing for kids all these years, but especially for sharing your hard-earned wisdom with all of us through your book and videos.  I really believe all parents should be required to read your book when they register for Gold Rush!

Have a blessed day,  Kathy DeMattei Farm & Garden/Music

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